Welcome to Amazzeng Gaming.

We are a development game company that brings the end game product to life from the original idea.

Founder and game inventor, Nic Mazze, has just developed it's first game called 'Grand Slam Casino Baseball'.  This is a baseball themed table game that requires no poker knowledge and with it's 'Stealing a Base' style of betting along with being able to 'Hit' a Grand Slam Match, it makes it extremely exciting for everyone to play. 


"I find that most 'new' casino table games are just a different variation to existing games that are already out there.  I wanted to create a game that is totally original that appeals to not only the beginner, but also the seasoned Casino players". Mazze said.

Prior to creating this table game, Nic played professional golf on the PGA Tour Canada and also started a developmental professional golf tour (Mandarin Tour) in Canada.  "I've always been a gambler on the golf course as well as in the Casino.  Once I fell short on getting to the next level I switched my focus on creating a game that I've had in mind for a number of years". Mazze added.


Nic was lucky enough to have been put in contact with Norman Rondeau, who he presented his game idea to last year.  Norm has given a lot of insight on the proper steps with creating a table game from start to finish.  He has also invented a number of games himself and agreed on a partnership for him to come on-board with co inventing Grand Slam Casino Baseball.

Nic and Norm are going to be entering the Raving Cutting Edge Table Games Conference this coming November, 2019 in Las Vegas where they will be competing in the Best New Table Game Competition.